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"I just remembered my Charlemagne... let my armies be the rocks and the trees... and the birds in the sky." --Sean Connery in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

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Posted by The-Demonic-Angel - January 22nd, 2014

Since I had a day off from work today, I decided to get started on an interplanetary concept. So I whipped out good ol' Photoshop and set about my task. This is how it's looking thus far:


This is only the beginning of my idea. Any thoughts?

Posted by The-Demonic-Angel - January 21st, 2014

Well, it's 2014. I have a new job and a new car. I have a wonderful woman I love. All the arrows of life are pointed in a good direction... Ok, enough with the self-discovery shit.

I am still looking for a way to get back into animating and voice acting. My new job hinders me quite a bit, but I am still committed to fulfilling the fun stuff in my life. You know, like bowling with no socks and driving almost 2 hours for a fucking kolache with pulled pork in it. The ultimate in random happiness is my game right now and my projects will influence that further.

2014. What a year it's been already and with 11-and-a-half months to go the sky's the limit. Unfortunately, I'm afraid of heights so it won't be without a challenge. Stay cool, NG!

Posted by The-Demonic-Angel - April 27th, 2011

OK, it's been since last summer since I left a post here, although I'm not sure anyone really noticed. Well, whether anyone notices this post or not is irrelevant; I like to type and I'm gonna.

I am trying to find my artistic senses (in case I had any) so I can one day contribute to Newgrounds animators. So I got into 3-D rendering. I have already posted some of my other work in the NG Art Forums, so if anyone is interested to see how good (or terrible) I am/can be, click here.

By the way, here's a sample:

Entering the Art World...

Posted by The-Demonic-Angel - June 13th, 2010

It is June. Simply put, it is FIFA World Cup time! I kinda wish that there were more soccer-themed Flash here on NG in celebration of the beautiful game. Unfortunately, I don't think that the majority demographic that visits Newgrounds.com celebrates this sport the way I do (although I am sure there are SOME out there).

Oh well, I'll just say it was nice to see England embarrass themselves at the pleasure of the United States. No offense to any Englishmen here, but though you have world-class players, they never played as a team. You might wanna work on that facet of gamesmanship before you start talking crap about easily winning Group C. Oh, and please cut Robert Green some slack. I doubt anyone else in England could have done the job that he does on a day-to-day basis, much less on such a grand stage.

Anyways, GO USA!

World Cup Fever!

Posted by The-Demonic-Angel - December 31st, 2009

Well, it appears as though my workload has become non-existant. Apparently, my usefulness as a voice actor hasn't done me much good, as I have no new roles to report. However, that does not prevent me from trying again and again.

Other than celebrating my 24th birthday and my girlfriend celebrating her 21st within four days of each other this December, nothing new to really report as the year 2009 comes to a close. 2010, which will be a productive year for me (I'll make it so), here I come!

Posted by The-Demonic-Angel - March 12th, 2008

After a couple of days of searching for a better alternative to GeoCities (yeah, they blow) for the creation of my website, designing individual graphics, and some serious proofreading, I found a new home for all of my future work: Demonic Angel Productions.

D.A.P. will practically be my online portfolio, with images, audio, and (in the near future) Flash animation with my name on it all in one place...

The link is in my "contact info" box... Check it out!

--The D.A.