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Wow. Nice to see your work again, Cycon! Here's to hoping to see more from you guys soon!

Cycon responds:

Here's HOPIN' also!

A splendid journey into my early years...

As a retro gaming enthusiast myself, I must say that this would be a dream worth having. The flow of the sprites were perfect and the usage of game music and sound effects were just as brilliant. For those who are frustrated in looking for an intelligible storyline in this film, the story is simply how the creator sees his dream in retro. Those of us who catch ourselves dreaming in this way (even daydreaming) can understand this, I would like to think. And hey, if I'm wrong about that, then no worries... I won't quit my day job. (lol)

I found it quite funny that those who are under the age of 18 could find this unenlightening and non-creative (judging from the negative reviews I have seen here) when their whole gaming experience today would not exist if it hadn't been for the success of these games. You young ones don't have to like this film or it's idea, but please respect it. It's part of your history, too.

Granted, I was born the year Super Mario Bros. came out (1985), yet being born to a teenage mother with games on the brain certainly helped my cause early on. I could remember all the times I'd sneak behind her recliner at midnight to watch her play Adventure Island II just one more time...

...sorry, went off on a tangent again (lol). Anyways, I most certainly enjoyed this journey through your dream in retro and I hope you can find the time to create another one. And hey, if you ever need a voice actor (though I HIGHLY doubt it, especially for films like this) I'd be glad to help you, someday.

Excellent work, Mike. I feel like I am 6 years old again! Take care!

As a native Texan myself, I'd like to say...

... that Stephen F. Austin was hilarious the way you made him. I thought it was funny that you also brought up Davy Crockett and let Austin have a little playful argument with your CEO.

Great work!

jimmysanimation responds:

i think it takes a texan to fully appreciate this one :)


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Great game, but...

...every so often (especially in speed run mode) the game will lag and my character will jump too far or won't stop when I want it to. This can be a serious issue for a game, so I figured some input on it was in order.

9/10 for a great game overall, especially the music, which is absolutely phenomenal. That lag issue is the only downside.

Great game! Keep it up!

Wow, of all the things people bitch about...

CHAOZmaster, I'm sure that TMNT: The Manhattan Project actually ripped off the ACTUAL project. If it were truly a problem, I'm sure the US Government would have torn TMNT a new asshole.

Also, this is a FREE game and the name is different; TMNT doesn't = Lil' Einstein. No copyright issues here. Get over it and move on, please.

Oh, awesome game, by the way...

James' Finest Hour...

This game pretty much puts the "D" in dysfunctional for James' family. Just one crazy idea after another, Rokcy and John... This game was very original... maybe it will do an "Alien Hominid" thing and be ported to a console system; I think the game is THAT good.

"I just remembered my Charlemagne... let my armies be the rocks and the trees... and the birds in the sky." --Sean Connery in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

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